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March 11, 2007



This is what happens when you get government involved in Haliburton and let them put it out.


You're kidding, right? If not, I can agree with you on two points. First, I would agree with you that Haliburton certainly is very clever and effective at what they do -- but unfortunately that happens to be finding the most irresponsible way for themselves to continue someone elses fight forever so that they can garner outrageous profits for themselves without having to worry about any real accountability for the skyrocketing costs or the adverse impacts on humans and the environment that are inevitably associated with those profits. I would also agree with you that governmental interaction can be a very bad thing -- it was, after all, our government who deliberately facilitated the Haliburton abuses in Iraq.


Who is going to pay for this clean up? I was half kidding, I think it could be handled by private enterprise much faster and better. Any one but the government, you been to the post office lately. Those clowns are making, what 25 an hr. and we are standing in a damn line for up to an hour. Turn it over to Fed Ex.

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