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March 07, 2007



Maybe we could put casinos in parks and that way they could pay for themselves. Otherwise how are a bunch of chipmunks and birds going to raise the needed revenue? We know that the people of Texas are not inclined to raise the money needed for a first-rate park system.


I think the people of Texas very much support parks -- witness how much attention this issue has gotten in recent months once became became aware of the severity of the problems. Look at the vast majority of legislators of both parties who are suddenly signing on as co-authors of the bill to eliminate the cap on the amount of the sporting goods tax dedicated to parks.

But we shall see whether their (i.e., our) attention span is enough to follow through and keep up the work over the long-term.

John Kallaher

Why do politicians steal money raised from taxes honestly supported by persons buying sporting goods and licenses and spend that money dishonestly by redirecting it into the State of Texas general funds coffers? This is a stab in the back to Texas sportsmen and women. I am madder than a wet hornet over this issue. People need to vote these Judas Iscariot mentality politicians out of office. We have too many crooks running our state!

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