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April 03, 2007



Living in Houston, I was unaware that wildflowers grew outside of cities. Are you certain that picture is not Downtown Brownsville? In Houston I get a good look at wildflowers while stopped at red lights. They grow in traffic medians. I don't know where Enchanted Rock State Park is though we do have parks in Houston. I have read that Houston has very little land set aside for parks in relation to the size of the population. No problem given that wildflowers can grow in traffic medians and that red lights can last up to two minutes. What more do people need?


Enchanted Rock is about an hour and a half north of San Antonio, not too far from Fredericksburg. This picture is not at the park, which has far more rock climbers than cows, but in the general neighborhood.

I've lived in Houston for a short time (Clear Lake area), and indeed, I don't remember too many parks there.

Nick in Texas Hill Country

Nice to see another Texan blog. Keep up the great work. I'm enjoying your posts.

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