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June 23, 2007


Helotian Green

The new developer-backed Helotes City Administration has given almost no publicity to an important "community vision survey" that will define the Helotes Master Plan (for development)and the future of our community. If a poor citizen should happen to stumble upon the survey and attempt to provide a little citizen input, they will quickly find there is only 1 of about 80 photos options to select from that actually represent the natural Hill Country environment we prefer for our city. The other 79 (or so) are high-density scenes of urban sprawl and "quaint"ified commercial streets.

Alas, it seems new Helotes Mayor Tom is only going to let citizens choose between one 100% impervious future or another. This is a recipe to "Leon Valleyize" Helotes.

Concerned residents really do need to get to the online survey and state their preferences loud and clear.

Go to for the story (below) and survey link.

Helotian Green

Citizen responses will shape the future of Helotes
August 6, 2007 -,

The City of Helotes Comprehensive Planning Committee is conducting a Community Vision Survey to help the City understand the views of the citizens. This survey is part of the process to gain community input to update the City’s Master Plan that will guide the future development of Helotes.

The Comprehensive Planning process will also gather information at stakeholder meetings, via web-based communications, and community outreach efforts, in an effort to make the City's new comprehensive master plan inclusive and citizen-driven. The City “hopes to build innovative partnerships between the public and private sectors in Helotes in an effort to forge long-term alliances between our citizens and their local government”.

What citizens put into in the survey will shape the final plan for the City’s future. While citizen input is vitally important to the process, the opportunity to complete a survey has only been minimally publicized by the City. Those concerned with preserving the character of Helotes are urging citizens to go to the City website and complete the Community Vision Survey at The deadline for participation is August 15, 2007.

Click here to complete the Helotes Community Vision Survey{E0EF2C6F-AE63-4146-A2EB-9809EEBA8C1F}

Some who have already completed the survey express concern that it only offers a choice of highly commercial, urban visions of the future city. Those who want to plan for more natural landscapes, like what brought them to Helotes in the first place, are being advised to contact their elected City representatives about this flaw in the survey instrument.

The City advises those who do not have access to the internet to contact City Hall (695-8877) for a copy of the survey and instructions on how to fill it out.

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