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June 30, 2007


Le Messurier

The Lake Tahoe fire as well as the fires in Southern California in 2003 were predicted well in advance of their occurrence. Protestations that local citizens and environmentalists had no part in preventing forest restoration is plain obfuscation. Knowledgable people have been crying for action for years. Thinning at the margins (the wildland urban interface) will do nothing to save the forests. Most forest fires start in the backcountry. Yes it is a very good thing to prevent fires from destroying homes and businesses, but what's the point of living in a thinned forest island in the middle of a blackend landscape? You can do MUCH better than listen to Carl Pope. He has no respect for the forests or forest science. He is quite willing to let the forests burn so he can say he kept the loggers out. Well, thanks a H... of a lot Carl. I'm not a defender of the logging industry, but they are needed to implement the underfunded Healthy Forest Act and to save our forests. Forest Scientists estimate that over 50% of the forests in the West will burn within the next 25 years or less unless we take action.

The forests over much of the West are in a very unhealthy state for which the reasons are well known. The forests can be brought back to a sustainable condition through thinning and clearing as well as other remedial activities. The logging industry will have to play a major part in this where necessary. The forests around Lake Tahoe are some of the worst examples of unhealthy forests in the country. I suggest you go here:

to get a good understanding about how scientists feel.
Just remember. Restore it or it will burn, guaranteed.

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