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May 15, 2020


David Rawlins

We just viewed High Sierra along with the special features on the Criterion Collection dvd. One scene in the film biography of Bogart shows him with wife Bacall. When she enters the house we see a dog that looks exactly like Pard/Zero. This would have been several years after the making of High Sierra. It has to be Zero.


Thanks for pointing that out. I just reviewed that film biography on the Criterion disc and saw the scene you mentioned a bit over half an hour in.

In my viewing, the dog is clearly not Zero.

But we don't have to guess from appearances on a grainy video. The clip is taken from an appearance of Bogart and Bacall on the "Person to Person" program from Sep 3, 1954, which I've found on YouTube. This was 14 years after the filming of 'High Sierra', meaning Zero would have been quite old if he were still alive.

In the full clip, Bacall introduces three dogs to the host of the show, Edward Murrow, and calls them Baby, George, and Harvey. (The audio is rough, but I'm pretty sure those were the names she used.) The two we see initially (Baby and George) look very different from Zero. Harvey is hiding behind Bacall when introduced, though he may be the one we see later when she enters the house (the clip that made it into the film bio on the Criterion disc). Anyway, none are introduced as Zero or Pard, and none that we actually see resembles Zero.

Alas, while I cannot absolutely rule out that Bogart acquired Zero after the filming of 'High Sierra', I have still not seen any evidence that suggests he did.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond with your observation!

Barry Todd

Definitely the star of the movie!!

S. Hargrave

On TCM tonight (5-18-22) there was a docu about the career of famed director RAOUL WALSH ("The True Adventures of Raoul Walsh") ... During which the narrator's voice quotes Walsh as saying that in the movie HIGH SIERRA, the dog "Pard" WAS in fact the actor Humphrey Bogart's actual dog.


Thanks for reading and for pointing out the Walsh documentary!

Given the documentary evidence from 1940-'41 that Bogart did not own Zero/Pard, I have to be skeptical of any individual recollection from much later. Furthermore, Walsh has a bit of a reputation for embellishing his stories. I am curious, though, that this suggests Walsh be the source of the notion that the dog was Bogart's own.


In the first few scenes of Fingers at the Window (1942) clearly Zero is seen scooting under a bed and turns to face the camera. Take a look!


Thanks, Diane! That was definitely Zero in "Fingers at the Window". Alas, he was only on screen for a second or so as part of a montage.

Carolyn J. Jarvis

Zero was quite the character! Does anyone know if he was bred? Is there a lineage?


Carolyn, based on old newspaper articles like the one I've included above, I don't believe Zero was bred. In fact, the implication is that he was a stray before he was taken in by trainer Rennie Renfro.

Carolyn Bogdan

That little Pard somehow has wormed his way into the hearts of many, including me.
I cannot imagine High Sierra without Pard.

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