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May 05, 2022



Thank you for this informative entry and explaining its connection to Paddy. Lupino's TV career is expansive and I enjoyed learning the insights from this post.



When I wrote about THE BIGAMIST at my previous blog, Wide Screen World, I had said I couldn’t find anything that indicated a directorial “style” of Lupino’s. In response, Paddy had said: “Perhaps the most distinctive thing about Lupino’s films is the fact that they exist at all in the times she was working.” Good point.


@Aurora Thanks!

@Rich Indeed. Lupino's style was quite varied as she covered a lot of different topics, genres, styles--like many of the best directors of the classic Hollywood era. And, as Paddy said, the fact that she made it happen is remarkable.

Marsha Collock

Thank you for this informative post. Paddy sure would have loved it. And you are so right in calling her a champion, not just a champion blogger herself, but a generous person who championed her fellow bloggers.

Terence Towles Canote

I really think Paddy would appreciate this post. She was a champion of Ida Lupino's work as a director, both in film and in television. And Paddy was right as usual. Ida was a remarkable director, and I often feel her work in television is overlooked.

Rebecca Deniston

Very interesting! Ida Lupino was such a brilliant lady, and what a great way to remember Paddy Lee.

Karen Hannsberry

I'm a huge Ida Lupino fan, and I greatly enjoyed this interesting, informative, and well-researched post. I am always so impressed with the course of Miss Lupino's career, and the type of person I imagined her to be. I'm glad that you selected this topic for your blogathon entry; I suspect Paddy would have as well.


Thanks Marsha, Terence, Rebecca and Karen for the thoughtful comments!

Silver Screenings

Thanks for sharing all this great info on this period of Lupino's career. Her drive and vision are inspiring. As a previous commenter said, her work in television is often swept aside, and you've prompted me to seek out more titles from this period.


Thanks, Silver Screenings!


One of the themes on my blog's series Sports Analogies Hidden In Classic Movies is finding great stories about women in sports and tying them to stories about Hollywood. The fact that I have yet to do something with Ida Lupino is not an oversight...I just haven't found the right vehicle yet. You've done a wonderful job of pointing out why she's on my list :)

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